Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I need to vent. I really need to vent. This evening, however, I realized that outside of my husband, I have few friends in this city - and no close friendships. We have lived here for just over a year. The town is basically a professional college town. Over 300 medical residents and fellows move in and out of town every spring. I look around and it seems that every other house has a "for sale" sign in front of it. Of course, there are people here who are not in medicine, but I don't have many peers.

Most of the spouses of my husband stay at home. I am one of the few working resident spouses. I teach college students, thus I am with students all day, and not with peers. There are a few students whom I would love to have as friends. But, they are students. I had friends up north, but I am suddenly feeling lonely. I am realizing why friendship and community is so vital to our well-being. I could (and do) turn to my husband and vent, but there are a number of things that he just doesn't "get." I think that is why female friendship is very important.

When I worked up north (I love that term - up north), every day 3-4 of us would get together at noon and speed walk 2 miles. It was a a wonderful opportunity. We would talk about families, work, relationships, anything. It was a highlight of my day. I always knew that I could turn to these women and learn things from them, gain insight from their experiences, and share my experiences. No judging - just listening and sharing. Tracey and Kim, where are you?

I hope that in my current efforts to build a local sustainable community I can gain some close friendships. People working together for a common goal, sharing experiences and learning from one another.... However, at the moment I still need to vent. Tomorrow will bring another day - and I will look for that silver lining and things will look better.

(this is my venting without telling you what I need to vent about)


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