Monday, June 19, 2006


While I was visiting my grandmother this weekend I became a little disturbed at how quickly skills have been lost. My grandmother was born in the 1920s. She grew up tending a garden, baking bread, canning, making butter, etc. I made her a little snack of toast and jam (both homemade). I explained to her that I make bread almost everyday and had just made and canned jam for the first time. These are two skills that I decided to learn and use in my own home.

It really distrubs me that so few people know how to even the most basic things. Sure, I am just learning to garden, but at least I am trying. There are sooooo many people who don't even know how to cook with fresh veggies. It is sad that between my grandmother's generation and mine that all or many skills of self-reliance have disappeared. I am trying to make sure that my children know how to cook (not from a box).

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