Thursday, July 20, 2006

vanquishing our demons

I won. I have to admit that clothing is one of my weaknesses. I find that with the change of the seasons I have a desperate desire to get new clothing. I don't know what causes this. Is it a need to feel like a "new me" with each season? Do I feel a need to be reborn? Do I want to identify myself with these beautiful young models? I am not sure. I think I will always question the reason why I feel like this.

Well, recently I learned to click delete when I see an ad come through my email or recycle catalogs that come in the mail (without looking). The other day instead of doing that, I looked. I looked at the catalog that came in the mail. I can say that for about a moment I was tempted. Ahhhh - those shoes would be great, the pants look comfortable, etc etc. The feeling lasted for a moment. Then I wondered where these clothes were made, what went into making them, for how long will I feel good in these, what do I already have that serves the same purpose.... I tossed the catalog into the recycling pile.

Going without by choice has made me rethink my priorities. I don't really need new. Actually, besides the fact that I have a huge pregnant belly, I really don't need much of anything. I only "need" a few things that can cover me in this hot weather (I only have maternity dress clothes). A friend called this morning and asked if I needed any maternity clothes. She dropped off a box full of casual maternity clothing. Wow - perfect timing! When I finish with these clothes I will return them or pass them on to others. I won. I didn't give in to consumer temptation or the American accumulation.

I read someplace that part of our "problem" is that we are culturally obsessed with celebrity. The celebrities look a certain way, own certain things, etc etc. Well, do we realize that 1) they have a lot of money 2) they are often paid or receive some type of compensation to wear or have something 3) or, as someone pointed out, they receive items for free (promotional)?

What is your temptation? I will beat mine!


Anonymous said...

Books is my problem. Even though I work at the library. I can never find something to read. Well if you can beat yours I can beat mine. Todd

emme said...

I think it might be an ongoing battle, however if we realize what are weakness is, then we may be better able to deal with it. Keep at it! :)

Jane Kathryn Kolles said...

I love clothes, too. My fashion tastes have changed over the years. I was never uber trendy, but I do like to look stylish and original. The other day I received a J Jill catalog in the mail and was close to drooling over a super cute pumpkin colored linen jacket. My desire kicked in and it created all kinds of yucky physical reactions in my body. I felt what was happening and caught myself before it was too late. My Compact pledge means more to me than that dumb jacket. They almost had me hooked! The catalog went promptly in the recycle bag.


emme said...

Oh yes, J.Jill (and a few similar) are my biggest temptations. It really is amazing how easy it could be to hook us! I think I saw the same pumkin colored jacket!

So, do you think we are going through withdrawl?

Through a Glass Darkly said...

I'm usually the same way with shopping. Well, we just gave away between 1/4 to 1/3 of our stuff in a move. I went to visit my mother, and she had all these catalogs with cute outfits. I felt a little bit of desire, but not nearly as much as I usually would. I thought, "I've just pared down. Why start reaccumulating?" And that stopped me from thinking about it too seriously.

mamaoba said...

Celebrities are given items for FREE to wear, show, and make popular. This practice is the most virulent of marketing and advertising concepts!

Anonymous said...

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