Sunday, September 10, 2006

preparing for baby

This morning I woke up and realized that we will have a new member of our family in about a month (or less). It has been amazing me how laid back I am about this pregnancy. I know that the baby will be joining us soon, however, I am not anxious about it.

In past pregnancies I was always worried about having this or that. Following the list of items that the books claimed that I "needed." By this time I would have a nursery set up, a years worth of clothing cleaned, folded, and in drawers. I realized after Gavin was born (he is now 2), how little of these items were truly needed. He spent much of his time in a sling, being held, or laying on a blanket. We did not use this or that or much else that was given or recommended.

I think people get too stressed about having a baby. I found that you have to go with the flow. It is the same thing with labor. I don't have a bag packed and am not concerned - I have not used half of the things that I have packed in the past. The added stress of "preparing" and purchasing "needed" items is not worth it! I would rather be doing the preparing which is worth it - mental preparation. Reminding my body how to relax.

Overall, I think Americans stress over too many things. A baby only being one of these life events that we stress over. We feel a need to have full control over the planning and preparations. We need to learn to prepare mentally or physically, yet be able to go with what life events come our way. Something new and wonderful may come out of it!


Chelee said...

What a great attitude.

I agree, I know I stress way to much. I believe for me, it's mainly a control issue. I'm working on it.

Amanda said...

I was looking through the local paper this weekend and it seemed that many of the insert advertisements were baby-focused. I'm amazed at the amount of baby items out there. My husband and I are thinking of starting of family so I'm curious about the things you thought you needed to purchase but indeed found you could have gone without.

Emme said...

I think the items that really were not necessary include things like baby jumpers, the big plastic toys for babies to sit in.... It depends on you, as well.

I use a carseat (for the car), a stroller - since I walk almost everywhere, a sling, some clothes, cloth diapers, and a co-sleeper (crib). Outside of those items, there were few things that were necessary.