Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School started

School started for everyone today. I can't believe that the summer has disappeared so quickly!
I even started back today. Wow. Fortunately, it looks like a have a really good group of students. They are all juniors and seniors - and seeking their BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). They look like a fairly serious bunch. It was good to see my colleagues again, as well. It is strange, however, this summer ahs been such a transformation for me that it almost felt surreal to even be at the school. I am looking at everything so differently now, that I will have to be careful not to let it cloud my teaching. I still *do* teach graphic design, however, now I hope to get them to think about their actions a little more.

I am looking forward to hearing about the kids' first day of school. It is hard to believe that Madison is now in 7th grade, Elyse is in 2nd, and Zach is in 1st. Wow. I made them a good lunch of peanut butter and jelly (all homemade), diced cheese, pretzels, and pear slices. I hope to make some cookies tonight for lunches.

Jonathan stayed at home with Gavin today. It was a little rough - Gavin is very headstrong, and Jonathan is not used to being hte primary caretaker of G. They both survived. I am glad that I am only on campus 4 days a week and only for 3-4 hours each day. I think it makes it easier!

I suddenly realized that I am due in about 4 weeks. Egads! I have a lot left to do. I don't know if J will be around for this birth - he may be moonlighting somewhere. I do have a friend who is a doula who will come with me and J's aunt is a nurse midwife and offered to drive down if J is unavailable. We have friends who are willing to watch the children. It looks like everything is coming together!

Gotta run!

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