Thursday, September 21, 2006


The update is that there are no updates. :(

I suppose it is okay. My shorter labors have been about 20 hours.... At least I know it and am prepared. My problem is that I like to have an organized schedule; i.e. on this date at this time I will start labor.... Doesn't work when you want a natural birth! :)

At one time I seriously considered a homebirth. Actually, I would love to have a homebirth even now. Elyse's birth was a wonderful experience and very easy (not without pain). I had a great experience where the nurses and residents basically left me alone. My mother was with me (and ex). The resident almost didn't make it into the room for the birth! The next pregnany I searched high and low for a midwife for a homebirth. I was not able to find anyone. Plus my insurance would not cover it (but will cover a very invasive hospital birth???). Well, it turns out to be good - Z was so large that he was stuck and we both almost died. He was 11 lbs and had shoulder dystocia (sp?).

I remember reading "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck while in highschool (I should reread it). A few pieces in the novel really stood out to me - the fact that she was working in the field, had labor pains, gave birth, and continued to work. Of course, this also makes me think of the image of a woman in africa who gave birth in a tree (during a massive flood). We are able to give birth. We do have strong bodies and minds....

I think that it is easy to forget that we are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for - whether it is motivating ourselves to change, learning a new skill, or having confidence. We need to have patience with ourselves and be able to "roll with the punches."

Enough rambling from me today. I will just continue on!


BurdockBoy said...

That's unfortunate that your insurance wouldn't allow for homebirth or midwife. If they realized that they cost less ad typically result in natural births, they would be all for it. Wisconsin just passed a law that allows Midwives to be compensated for Badgercare (medicaide). Unfortunately it doesn't start until next year sometime so we miss out. Still we have a wonderful Midwife that works on a sliding scale and a great doula as well. I hope you still get the birth you desire.

Emme said...

I just found out that my husband's aunt is a nurse midwife and offered to come down from Mpls if DH is moonlighting at a rural ER. My friend has done some work as a doula and has also offered to be there. As I understand, the hospital I will be at has a great birthing center (better than Mayo Clinic birth center).

Congrats on getting a great doula and midwife! It is forunate that midwives are covered by WI insurance! Good luck to you as well!