Monday, November 06, 2006


Samuel - 1 month today

I am not very good at sewing. When I was a child my mother sewed almost all of my clothes and most of hers. She started to quilt after she was diagnosed with cancer. I think it was cathartic for her. Anyway, when she passed away I received one of her sewing machines. Someone borrowed it before I received it and did some damage. So, even if I could sew, I wouldn't be able to.... One of my goals is to start to sew!

My children have been in cloth diapers (AIO - All In One). However, Gavin (age 2) is keen on the idea of underwear. I thought I would venture out and find some thicker training pants. The type that are like underwear, yet thick like a diaper. I searched and searched and searched. No one carries these any longer. I guess we are supposed to be using disposables.

I know that many people prefer to use disposables because they are easier and the like, but I can't stand thinking about the waste that is created by using disposables. If I don't have options, then what am I supposed to do? Couldn't stores carry just a few for people who want to reuse? We really are a disposable society! Diapers, pull-ups, bottles, bibs, sippy cups are all disposable! Of course, I think about the corporations who know that if we use their disposable items, then we will keep purchasing them from those companies. If we have few choices, then we will have to choose the disposables over the reusables (which are unavailable).

It also makes me thikn about how much is used to create something disposable. The energy for the materials, production, distribution, disposal.... At least with cloth it is being reused (and does not have to be recreated for each use)!

BTW, I found some training pants online. I have ordered those (a justifiable purchase). I also located a place to fix my mother's sewing machine. I will NOT go through this again.


BurdockBoy said...

Sewing is wonderful. I am so glad my partner is such a great seamstress. She is currently working on making wool soakers for diaper covers. We will be using all cloth for diapers as well as glass bottles. I have given up on stores for most items. Ebay has been where we have been purchasing stuff. Most of the time we're buying from parents with similar values. Also Alternative Baby out of Oregon has unbleached and organic cotton diapers. Just thinking about all of the plastic involved with baby items make me cringe.

Sara said...

I agree with burdockboy... unfortunately, you can't really find many things that are re-usable without going on-line. I am blessed to have 3 mama-run businesses in Des Moines who sell cloth diapers, and other natural items. Before I moved here, I bought all of DD's diapers online (new or used)...I personally think that disposable diapers should be illegal for the damage they do to the environment and the potential damage to a baby's bottom...not to mention the nasty chemicals in them. Blech!

I too would love to learn how to sew...definitely a "sustainable" trait if there ever was one!

Heidi said...

Not to discourage your sewing plans, but you can find cloth training pants online. I found these at a great site called

And my daughter, fully potty trained, still prefers these training pants to all other underwear she has:

Just thought I'd mention this. :-)

The Fool said...

On the note of sewing - it really needs to be recognized as a necessity by the society. When I taught in Japan, all the kids in 5th grade were issued sewing kits and taught how to use them. It's part of their educational curriculum. It should also be noted that the elementary school children performed the janitorial work, and made the meals in their schools. We would do well to foster such an ethic in our own schools.

Your efforts are commendable.

AnnMarie said...

I'm glad for this post as I need to go buy training pants soon for our daughter. I reluctantly used disposable diapers because of my DH (who is the stay at home Dad and had a little more say on this one that I did). But he's agreed to training pants. I thought I'd seen them at Target but haven't looked lately. Will soon so that if not, I can buy online!

AnnMarie said...

PS, please let us know what brand you bought and how they work out! Or at least me, since I'm very interested in this :)

RAS said...

Samuel is too cute!

You go with the sewing and reusable diapers. Much better for the kids, and the enviornment.

tracey said...

You are entering into the sewing world! I am so excited. I can't wait to see what amazing thing you create. Unfortunately grad school has hindered my sewing opportunities for the moment, but only temporarily.
I hope you enjoy the experience.

Jenny said...

Sewing is so much fun, even if you're not expert in technique. Start with the little projects to gain skills and move on to the more intricate ones.

I never realized how much of a disposable society we were until having DS and seeing all the disposable baby stuff. It's silly. It is often just as easy to use a non-sposie option as it is to continually throw things out.