Monday, November 27, 2006

organic milk

This morning I was doing the daily task of pumping before work. I don't drink milk, but my children drink organic milk (free of hormones). What is the milk that Sam drinks? It made me think about what we put into our bodies. I eat almost entirely of organic foods. I try to use products on my body or in my home that I would put into my body (i.e. vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, etc). What is the toxicity in my own body? No matter how much I try to eat healthy foods, I am certain that there are toxins in my own environment --whether at work or fertilizer on the park lawns. I can't control everything around me, but I hope to influence it.

I did find this link -
Mothers can limit chemicals in their milk. You can reduce the potential hazards from pollution in breast milk.

So, I only hope that the milk Sam drinks is free of toxins. Is it organic?

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GTR said...

Scientist/Author Sandra Steingraber (look her up online) muses about that in her amazing book "Having Faith". She's passed around a vial of her breastmilk at the UN, talking about keeping persistant toxins out of the food chain.

I've worked with Dioxin pollution prevention issues, and have read that the only way to get rid of dioxin is through liposuction or breastfeeding... and if breastfeeding, you know where it's going. Yikes!