Wednesday, December 13, 2006

13 Groovy Days of Joy! - Gifts for Kids

My first Groovy green article. :) I wrote some ideas for gifts for kids..

[edited as I was told the above link does not work correctly. Try Day 2 article is the first article seen now. Check out the link for mine at the bottom of day 2]

A preview:
A few months ago we started to become inundated with advertisements. I would open the mailbox and find yet another pile of toy catalogs. My children would sit with the catalogs and drool over items that they thought provided necessities to fulfill their lives. Each child would circle items and make lists. Often I would find a new list of “needed” toys on my pillow or taped to the refrigerator. Fortunately, my children seem to understand the difference between want and need. Phew!

So, how do we compete with the plethora of toy catalogs and advertisements? How do we make decisions that are healthier for our children, our home, and our planet? Personally, we try to give gifts that suit our children’s interests. We try to stay away from the accumulation of “stuff” and prefer to give gifts of experience. Some of the experiences may be piano, or guitar lessons combined with a music book. They might be karate classes or swim lessons combined with the appropriate clothing.

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e4 said...

Cool. Wish I was that groovy.

The link doesn't get me to the article though. I just get generic GroovyGreen page and a message saying "You are not authorized to view this resource. You need to login."

Emme said...

Oh no!
What happens at ? If you take a look at the day 2 article, the day 1 article is at the bottom.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yay, Miranda! How did you get into writing for them? I feel like I remember you mentioning Groovy Green before. Did they see your blog and write you? Either way, that's very cool.