Friday, April 28, 2006


About a month ago I made a vow to myself not to purchase anything new. I would only purchase items that were used or that were of necessity. Everything else would be borrowed, given to me, or go without. It has been a great challenge. I have found how little I really need.

Since that time I learned more about our impact on the environment including what we have done to increase global warming, sun dimming, and more. I have now vowed to reduce my footprint in as many ways as possible. I decided to start to grow as many of my own foods as possible (I am a novice gardener), only shop at stores that I can walk to or bike to, and try to buy foods that were grown or raised within a 100-mile radius. This will all be a challenge especially with young children and expecting. I don't know if I will be 100% successful, but I want to try.

Last weekend I dug up a garden plot in the backyard. I have been watching the sun pattern since we moved here a year ago. I think I found the one good spot in my back yard. The rest is fairly shady. I also have seeds that were started abouta month ago (by me). They have all taken off. I am excited to see that things are acttually growing. I am hoping that that everything continues to grow!

I am trying to see if there is a tiller that I can borrow. Otherwise, I may rent one. I have about 2-3 weeks before I can plant anything outdoors. I also need to find some good fencing to keep the rabbits out. If I need to, I will purchase. Keeping our food from the rabbits is a justifiable purchase!

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