Saturday, April 29, 2006

looking local

I really did not realize how difficult it might be to find items that are created locally. Yesterday we went to the local organic food store and found some items that are local. We purchased some provolone. The flavor was amazing! It was hard to believe that there was such a difference in the flavor of a major brand and something was made locally. The kids loved it as well!

The problem was rootbeer. We have a special night every friday where we purchase soda and make homemade pizza. I could not find locally made rootbeer.

This makes me wonder about my own challenge. Can I make my own rootbeer? Should I only purchase ingredients that are made locally? Is there somewhere close that sells grains? I can find meats, diary, eggs, honey, veggies, and fruits. What about vanilla and salt? Is everything off limits, or am I trying to do as much as I can? Can I use the items that I already have on hand? What difficult questions! Perhaps I will find out more next weekend. That is the start of the farmers market for the season.

I am trying to think about how my choices affect my body and the bodies and health of my family. Not only nutritional health, but also environmental health. Good healthy organic foods, no chemicals (in cleaning or foods), and plenty of walking to the stores - which will save on gas as well as not contribute to environmental damage.

The local organic store sells bulk items. I tried a little of the moisturizer. Wow! I have some containers that are almost empty. So, once they are I will clean them and reuse / refill with the bulk items.

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Sara said...

I'm scouring your archives, so I'm sure you've probably already figured out your root beer dilemma...but isn't 1919 Root Beer made in New Ulm?