Saturday, May 27, 2006

buying local

Today I woke the kids and took them to the farmers market at about 8:00. We walked through the market before making our selections. We found two organic tents of vegetables and three organic of meats and chicken. I am primarily a vegetarian, but am the only one in our household who is. So, I tend to make meals that can be either.

We purchased beautiful salad greens from one organic tent, organic milk form another, organic cheeses, an organic frozen chicken, and some organic frozen bacon. We also purcahsed some great looking tomotoes from an Amish man and his young son. Zachary went up to the tent and asked for the tomatoes (he had some money). It was cute to see Zach pay for the tomatoes and the Amish boy (about the same age) bag them for him.

As we were walking through the market I noticed how many people were carrying plastic disposable bags. So few people carried canvas bags (such as I had). I wonder if it would be possible to sell canvas bags at the farmer's market. That may be something to look into.

After this we came home and then walked to the local coop and puchased a few needed items. We walked home and were done. Our food expenses thus far were below $40. Not bad!

I am happy that everything we purchased today was locally made/grown and organic.

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