Monday, May 15, 2006

still shopping free

Yes, I am still shopping free. It feels very good. At first it was a little difficult, but now it feels great. If I happen to go to the store (like Target) all I see is a place full of junk that I don't need. I will go in and purchase the item that is one my list, and not be sucked in to purchasing other items. It is liberating. One fabulous key to this is a list. I go in with a list and do not venture away from that.

100-mile diet may prove to be more difficult than I anticipated. DH is an MD and thinks that we need to eat all organic. So, do I know that the local foods are 100% organic? The items that I know are organic and are local are those items that I will purchase. I will also purchase some items that are organic but not local. The items that I grow I will eat and feed to my family. The thought of pesticides....

I am still only grocery shopping at stores that I can walk to. I only purchase the organic items that I can carry. I try to purchase as much bulk as I can (refilling my own jars). It feels great to have made this decision to reduce and simplify. I am happy and free of buying stuff.

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