Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I am very frustrated with our 12 year old daughter. About a week ago I agreed that she needed some new clothing and took her to a used children's exchange to find some new used clothes. I explained to her that I did not believe that we should be buying into mass consumerism and purchasing whatever the new style of the season happens to be. We had a long discussion about marketing toward her age and how we can subtly combat it. It was a wonderful discussion. I thought she got it.

Well, she came back from the weekend with grandparents with a huge shopping bag FULL of clothing + a bikini! I was infuriated with her. First of all, I don't allow bikinis, but on top of all the tears about needing new clothes and asking (begging) to go to the used clothing store. UGH! I hope she does "get it". She also had new sunglasses - she "needed".

It is terribly frustrating to see all of the effort to step out of consumerism go down the drain in one weekend.

On a good note, however, I have not purchased anything new! I am still walking to the store. I found that it is a great solution. For example, today I would hae loved something in particular to eat (pregnant me), but I knew that I vowed that I would not drive. Thus, I found a healthy alternative. I did not give in - and I did not feel like walking to the store today. It would have been too easy to drive and pick up the one thing I craved and a few other junk items at hte same time.

I did find that walking to the store cuts down on a lot of junk food purcahses. I have to carry it back! Ther eare few things that I am willing to lug all the way back home. Of course, I do have a shopping list and do plan out a monthly menu, but it would be easy enough to veer off. Also, my goal to walk to the store has limited those spur of the moment purchases of all types. I carry my canvas bags, a water bottle, and have the youngest in a stroller. No room for anything else!

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