Saturday, June 24, 2006

farmers market trip

One of the things that I think is so wonderful about going to the farmer's market is the ability to get to know the people from whom you are buying produce. Every weekend I purchase from the same vendors and we chat. Today almost every place I went asked me where the children were. J had the day off, so he was at home sleeping (as were the kids). It is wonderful to be able to talk with those people who produce hte foods.

The people from whom we buy our milk offered to let the kids (and me, of course) come to visit and see all of the baby animals. I think I will call this week and do so. The kids would love it. I also think it would be good for them to see where some of their food comes from. I purchased heirloom tomatoes from the Amish family. I can tell you, if you ever have a chance, heirloom tomatoes are filled with so much more flavor than any others!

I don't eat much meat - we may purchase one chicken or piece of meat and that will be our animal prootein for the week. Well, I purchased some buffalo today. It is not new to me, I prefer buffalo to cow based meats, but it was fun to speak with him and talk about where the herd was grazing, etc. That is certainly not something that you can talk about with the grocer! I also like being able to talk to the "egg man" about his chickens. Of course, they are organic, free range, but it is fun to walk up to him and he knows me and what I will get. Very cool!

I also love knowing that each of the stands I visit are: 1) organic and 2) within a 30 mile radius. I still love to have fresh fruit (especially while pregnant), so I do visit the co-op for that, but overall, I do most of my weekly grocery shopping at the market. Woo woo!

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