Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am slowly reducing my junk mail. I have called to get off of lists. One very nice thing about taking a vow not to purchase naything new is my attitude toward catalogs. At one time I would sit and drool over hte pages of the catalog and even at times resent that I would not be able to purchase anything. Now that I have taken a vow not to purchase new items, I don't have that old feeling of desire to own and consume. I find that I can easily look through the catalogs and then move them into the recycling bin. What a wonderful feeling! I often don't even look at them any longer.

I have also reduced magazines. We have been long time subscribers to Real Simple. I am starting to see that there really isn't anything simple about it. There are some wonderful ideas, yet at the same time, there are many suggestions of what to purchase. I don't want more. If anything I want less.

I think this vow has more of an internal change in me than an external. I wasn't purchasing much prior to this, but now I don't desire the need for items. Strange, huh?

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Through a Glass Darkly said...

I loved Real Simple when it first came out, but it very quickly seemed to evolve into a magazine about buying lots of expensive things. It was enormously successful ... but I quit reading it after the first year.