Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Simplicity vs Frugality

I have been thinking a lot lately about the notion of voluntary simplicity. Our family has been living frugally for a number of years. We started as a means to pay for school, to get out of debt, and to save for necessary BIG items. It was not until recently that I truly understood the difference between simplicity and frugality. My spouse is very frugal. Frugality has more to do with not spending money. Simplicity is more of an inner choice to have less. I fought the idea of frugality. I don't like the idea of deprivation. However, I love the idea of choosing to live with less. I look around my house and see how much we really have. I don't need most of what we have and look forward to ridding our house of some of it. I feel that the items that we have weigh us down. It is simply something else to take care of and to worry about. Why not, instead, focus on worrying about and caring for those things that you truly love?

What do I truly love? My family, my friends, my health, and my home. Of all of these, my home is the only posession (although it could also be my environment). So, I want to focus on things (not necessarily material possessions) that feed or care for those things that I truly love. I don't need more "stuff" to do this.

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