Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Out for the summer

Well, now the kids are out for the summer. I am quite curious to see what this summer brings. The kids have been begging for things that they "need." I decided to try something with them. The kids each want a beach towel - they have been using older bath towels, but want to spend more time at hte pool this summer. So, I looked at towels (about $10 each). We came up with an agreement: $10 of work. I am not talking about $10 of weekly chores - I think everyone should do chores and not be paid for them. Afterall, I have to cook dinner every night, right? So, I had Zach digging up weeds and filling a bucket. Each weed was 1 penny (about 100 per bucket). He earned $6 in weeds and then did some other outside chores. After about 2 weeks he earned $10. he had a choice whether he wanted to purchase that towel or to save the money for something else. He chose the towel. I think it was a good lesson. I am continuing this.

Madison also wanted a towel and a movie. That is $10 for the towel and $20 for the movie. She has earned the towel and is about $5 into the movie. If she decides not to get he movie, she will have hte "money" in the bank for something else. I am amazed at how well this is working for hte kids. This also keeps them from instant gratification. They have A LOT of work to do for these items. I think if I had paid someone to come in and do what Maddie is doing, it could cost about $100!

We recycle almost everything, but I have decided to reuse even more. I am saving shampoo bottles, thus we can refill at the co-op.

I am doing so well at only walking to the store. Making this pact with myself has changed so many things for me. It had been so easy for me to jump inthe car and purcahse what I needed plus a few other items. Fortunately, now I am only walking and if I don't really feel like going, then I will find something else that I already have. For instance, it is easier to purchase bread, but my homemade bread it really easy to make and tastes SOOOOO much better. On top of all of this, I am getting some good exercise!

Farmers Market on Saturday, Co-op on Tuesday or Wed, sometimes another trip in the week. It does work out, and I am spending a lot less (even with all organic).

Now, to plan for the summer!


mamaoba said...

Do you use a bread machine or do you make bread from scratch?

emme said...

I make it from scratch. I have an old kitchen-aid (30 years old and I received it from my mother when she passed away).

I used to make it with a wooden spoon....