Monday, July 10, 2006


Yesterday was a tough day for me. It was not until late in the day that I realized why. It was my mother's birthday. She passed away from inflammatory breast cancer 3 years ago. She was only in her 50s. It is hard for me to think about how many changes in my life she has missed. She missed my graduation from graduate school (having passed away only 3 weeks prior to graduation), new job(s), the birth of a child, husband's graduation from med school, matching, moving, children starting school, the list continues....

I have a few things that she passed on to me and a few things that she made for me. I think that within my life, these are the few things that mean the most. The quilt she pieced together and lovingly made is one of my most precious material possessions. If something happened to that I would truly be devastated.

I think I would like to learn to quilt. Not only do people not know how to sew, but it was one of the skills that she had and I am afraid of being lost.

Her eulogy:

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