Thursday, July 06, 2006


The Enoughness Pledge

I pledge to discover how much is enough for me to be truly fulfilled, and to consume only that.

I pledge to be part of the discovery of how much would be enough for everyone -- not only to survive but to thrive -- and to find ways for them to have access to that.

I pledge to act and live in a way that honors and preserves the natural world.

Through this commitment to restraint and justice, I am healing my life and am part of the healing of the world.

"Enoughness" isn't something to "live up to" -- it's something to discover through the process of truthful and compassionate living.

The pledge was located at this site:


So, what is enough for you?

I truly feel that I have enough. I don't think there are any "things" that would fulfill me or add to my happiness. Finding out what is enough is really much more of an internal process than an external process. I don't measure myself against what I have versus what others have. My desires are based on true long term fulfillment. When I realize that, then "things" do not suffice. Instead, experiences are what add to my life.

The other day I found a very interesting website that seemed to be inline with much of my simple living ideals. I loved the recommendations and advice which were provided. As I looked closer at the site I realized, which shock, that the site was developed by a politically very conservative person. Wow. I tend toward left/ green, yet I believed in many of the comments this person was writing about. Why do we identify ourselves so strongly with one group or another? This person was interested in the same things. It is so easy to "write off" someone who has good advice and is not politically on the same page. Why do we do that? We are trying to get to the same place. So, let it be.


kenza coleman said...

I ran accross your blog this evening and I am thankful for all the good information you publish. I have always been very interested in food and I firmly believe that we are what we eat. I did not grow up in the US and I was surprised at how tasteless awesome-looking fruits and vegetables (that never went bad) were. I now purchase organic food and hormone-free meats and can not understand why more people are not concerned about what they feed the only body they have.

emme said...

Thank you! I am glad that someone reads it and gains information from it! It really did surpise me the first time that I ate food that was fresh. I grew up going to the supermarket and eating the same old nonorganic tasteless foods. Once I realized that food travels about 1300 miles to get to our plates, I realized that the food lost a lot.

Thanks for commenting!