Sunday, December 03, 2006

What's for dinner? 1

I think that developing a weekly menu is a great way to save money and to ease the pain of nightly dinners. "What's for dinner?"

It also helps if you are trying to develop food storage. If you track what you eat every month, then it is easier to determine how much of individual items you should have stored.

Monday - black bean enchiladas
Tuesday - pasta (with brussel sprouts, white beans, sun dried tomatoes) with homemade sour dough bread
Wednesday - beef stew + panini sandwiches (beet, sauteed spinach, mozzarella cheese) homemade sour dough bread
Thursday - vegetarian stir fry
Friday - pizza
Saturday - vegetarian pot pie
Sunday - Root vegetable gratin

lunches - homemade wheat bread, hummus, cheese, pickles...
breakfast - oatmeal or cold cereal

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Chelee said...

Wow, I was just getting ready to do my weekly menu! Thanks for the great ideas