Friday, June 02, 2006

Organic foods

I know there is a lot of controversy about ogranic foods. Is it truly necessary? Are the herbicides, pesticides, artificial this and that, etc really that bad for you? personally I think so.

My MIL had MS. Had. She switched to an entirely organic and mostly vegetarian diet (low in fats) and as of now is symptom free and has been told she no longer has MS. Of course, it was more than just orgnic foods, it was a healthier lifestyle as well. There are other people who had diseases suchas lupus that are now under control after switching to an organic diet. I really do think that our bodies need to be free of all of that junk that is sprayed on our foods. The pesticides pollute our bodies as well as our environment.

Big step? Well, yes, it can be. But, instead of going all out, why not start small. Take baby steps. Perhaps only purchase organic milk, then organic meats, later add other organic foods. I also found that by eating organic I am eating a lot less (even while pregnant). I am not stuffing myself with foods trying to get enough nutritional value out of the food. I eat less, and overall, even though the food is more expensive to purchase, it does seem to cost me less in the end. I eat better, eat less, cook from scratch, etc.

The other thing I have started to do is only use biodegradable cleaning products. Either I purchase these from the store (dishwashing liquid or dishwasher tablets) or I use vinegar or baking soda as cleansers. They work remarkably well. I will put them in my body, so I should be able to clean them with my hands! Using these keeps chemicals out of my house (and out of our water).

I can't believe what this journey has brought to me.

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