Monday, July 03, 2006


I just noticed that much of what I have written about lately is food related. Perhaps that is because that has been a major focus for me. Giving up shopping has not been as diffiult as I had anticipated. It has, however, given me the opportunity to focus more of my energy on food.

So, every so often I add new "rules" to my compact rules or goals. Of course, these are based on my own goals.


  • Start seasonal cooking.
  • Purchase foods which are in season (don't purchase strawberries in January).
  • get Veggie car up and running on Veggie oil (have a contact in Duluth).
  • freeze or preserve all leftovers (less waste)
  • learn to pressure can
  • learn about sustainability and try to get involved in local groups
  • Learn how to can jams
  • Purchase local (organic) foods (as much as possible).
  • Switch family to mostly vegetarian (at most - meat/poultry/fish once a week).
  • use less disposables (especially papertowels)
  • Only grocery stores I can walk to
  • Start purchasing bulk foods and storing some for winter months (can drive to these stores / buying clubs)
  • Stop purchasing household cleansers
    • Learn how to use natural / make own / or purchase environmental friendly.
  • purchase no new items (used only)
  • I can thrift, freecycle, borrow, etc
  • if new, choose wisely

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